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  • Riga, Latvia
  • Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm


Medical Procedure visit to Latvia for 2 – superior package price:
Check-up (M):
  • Services coordinated by Baltic Medical Destinations 
  • visit for two (2) people (patient and accompanying person), for 1 week (7 days) with services starting from the Riga international airport,
  • includes basic costs which are subject to confirmation after considering client specific requirements - upgrades and additional services extra. Includes applicable taxes.
  • a firm quotation will be provided once details established.


Medical Services provided by the Capital Clinic Riga of Health Center 4

General practitioner’s /physician’s initial consultation: Before the initial visit to the doctor a questionnaire is sent to the patient. The questionnaire is evaluated later on during the consultation together with patient's medical history, objective body organ system assessment and cardiovascular, oncology and osteoporosis risk estimation. - 60 min.

  • Laboratory tests (15 min) including:
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D total (D3 and D2)
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) with special test compl. 
  • ASAT
  • ALAT
  • Urin acid
  • Creatinine
  • Entire cholestorol
  • HDL cholestorol
  • LDL cholestorol
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone /TSH
  • Glycated hemoglobin
  • Glucose (ser)
  • Coprogram*
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Full microscopic urine analysis *
  • Triglycerides
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Full blood count (Hb, L, Er, Ht, Tr without ESR)
  • Alkaline phosphatase
  • Antibodies against peroxidase
  • Lactate dehydrogenase
  • Gamma GT
  • Billirubin
  • Blood sampling
  • Free thyroxine/FT4
  • UREA
  • Ferritin

  • Electrocardiogram with 12 leads reading, description (ECG) - 15 min.
  • Widely applied heart examination technique at rest which can diagnose myocardial infarction, inflammation, conduction abnormalities and changes in cardiac functions.

  • Doppler-echocardiographic examination  3D/4D - 30 min
  • 4D examination allows to assess better all structure and functions of the heart, get the information about valve damages, growths, etc., showing the volume in real-time unit.

  • Abdominal ultrasound scan (excluding pelvic organs) - 30 min.

  • Veloergometry 45 min.
  • Evaluation of the results of the obtained laboratory and diagnostic examinations, compilation and, if possible, establishing a diagnosis. Recommendations. In case of a finding, referral for additional laboratory and diagnostic examinations, as well as creation of a treatment plan.

  • Final Internist/General Practitioner Consultation 30 min.
  • Evaluation and summary of laboratory and diagnostic findings, if possible, establishing diagnosis. Recommendations. In case of abnormal findings referral to additional laboratory and diagnostic examinations, drafting of treatment plan.



  • Transfer from airport
  • Transfer to airport
  • Local transportation to medical centre



  • Baltic Beach Hotel & Spa: 5 star hotel accommodation for 7 nights in Jurmala (just outside Riga) on the Baltic Sea ( 

    • 2 person accommodation Executive Suite-Side Sea View
    • "Elegantly designed apartment with a separate bedroom and living room. These two-room suites are designed for guests who need more space, in particular families and those who will be staying for extended periods of time. Spacious balcony overlooks park or the Baltic Sea. Room features 2 flat-screen TVs, sitting area, tea & coffee making facilities and free Wi-Fi.

    • Including:
    • Satellite channels and Pay-TV
    • "Complimentary visit of gym and sea water pool.
    • On site secured parking 15 EUR/24 h (depending on availability)
    • Complimentary use of sun beds and sun chairs on the beach (during summer).


Tours, Entertainment

  • Two day (six hours per day) personalized car tour of Latvia to selected locations for two visiting scenic and historic sites including
    • one day to the east including Riga, Sigulda, Csis, Csis Castle and the Baltic Sea coast
    • one day to the west including Rundale Castle, Ventspils and Liepaja
    • a driver/guide
    • coffee breaks
    • lunches (not including alcohol)
  • Choice of reserved seating at theatre, opera, dinner venues, night clubs or pubs subject to availability and applicable restrictions based on client's interests and capabilities.
Note: Package price is indicative only for basic services and subject to confirmation based on service date, circumstances, upgrades and added features, and the need to meet Covid-19 restrictions and visa requirements. etc.
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